Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lady Luck - why have you forsaken me?

PLayed 5 SNG tournaments last night and was beaten out of the money in all 5 by a bad beat!
The last one being the classic: 4 handed, blinds 75/150, folded to me on the button with KK - I raise to 700. SB folds and after the longest time the BB calls. The flop comes 2 3 5 rainbow and I just know he is holding an A, but if I push all-in he can't call as he's only getting a little better then 3-1 on his 11-1 gutshot draw. He calls and the turn is a 4. I love this game...

Friday, September 30, 2005

Tournament Tricks

Don't know if this is just a bug in PartyPoker's software but anyway, when playing in their rebuy and add-on tourneys, it's possible to rebuy during a hand you are all-in on. So everyone folds to me in the SB, I move all-in and rebuy - BB folds and I have doubled up; repeat 3-4 times and add-on; voila! I get to the first break with at least 6000 chips and have a decent chance. ( of course it costs more but I like my chances).

Online Monkeys

Sometimes you can be too clever for your own good.
$5+$1 Rebuy and add-on PartyPoker last night. Blinds are 400-800 and I have 20K and get JJ UTG. I raise to 2400 and MP goes all-in for ~4000; LP comes over the top all-in as well for ~25K, so it will put me all-in. So my Jacks can't be good can they? Well they can if your playing with monkeys. I fold. The MP shows AQ and the LP AK; Flop comes with a J and the turn is a J. LOL - good lay down-turning point of the tourney. Oh well, sometimes you give your opponents far more credit than they deserve - Chimp & a chair, Chimp & a chair.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

L.A. Trip

So I have to go to L.A. next month for a conference - this will be my last official duties before relocating to Singapore - so of course my mind is on poker... I plan on visiting the Bicycle Casino on Monday 17 October to play in their $100 tournament; looking forward to that. So if anyone has any personal experience of playing at the Bike please let me know what you think of it.

The other poker news is that I came close (again!) in a $5 multi table on PartyPoker the night before last. I was slightly above average with 300000 chips and it was down to 18 from a 1260 field, when I picked up pocket K's in late position. UTG makes a minimum raise to 40000 so I just call figuring if an A comes on the flop I can easily let it go; Flop comes 10 10 2 and UTG bets 80000 so I raise to 160000 and he comes over the top all-in which will leave me with 40000 chips - I have to call and, you guessed it, he shows AA and takes it down. Picked up $180 for 18th, but I was really expecting to make the top 5. Better luck next time. Can't really complain as earlier in the tourney I was short-stacked and moved all-in from UTG with 33 and got 2 callers - 99 and AJ, well the first 4 cards out are 2, 4, 5, 6 and I triple up. So all considered, not a bad result.
Well, the day comes to an end and I'm off to the bar for a few well-earned (not!) beers and then maybe a little poker, but maybe not if I have too many beers!

Update you all soon...

Self Portrait

I am a 42 year old physicist from Liverpool, England. I currently work for the Department of Energy in USA and as I mentioned in my previous blog, I am soon to be moving to Singapore to take up a position there.
I got into poker around 2 years ago, just playing with friends most weeks, then along came the internet sites and we were all hooked. Now we hardly ever play together; which is both sad and nice at the same time, after all we don't want to be taking money from friends now do we?
I've had some good poker teachers, but I learned most of my lessons the hard (read: expensive) way. Now I have honed my game to a level where I feel comfortable describing myself as a semi-professional.

Blog Beginnings...

This is my first entry, I shall endeavour to entertain you with hilarity etc, I will mainly be talking about my poker life as a semi-pro online player.

I am relocating to Singapore in November, and as gambling has just been legalised there, I'll keep you up to date with all the games available.